Americans Exhibiting Common Sense

Now here is something that I have been passionate about for decades. Cable TV lost almost a quarter of a million subscribers this last quarter for the first time ever. Could people possibly be tired of paying for this crap? I once wrote a piece about how the cable TV people came around nearly begging for customers with the promise of commercial free TV. All I can say is, “What happened?”

I have noticed that older sitcoms seem to be missing pieces. Originally I attributed it to political correctness but eventually I had occasion to time a newer program and discovered it was something like seventeen minutes. I did not think that was right so I timed an older show that I had recorded on a VCR years earlier and found it to be about twenty-two minutes. What happened to the other five minutes.

Apparently political correctness still takes a backseat to profit in the Corporate States of America. Because the same program (Sanford and Son) was all chopped up when it was aired on cable and the only thing I can figure is it was done so the commercials would all fit. Then I noticed that the credits were shrunk and put in a PIP (picture in picture) format so that even more commercials could be run during the credits. Again, “What happened?”

Well, in spite of what the title suggests, Americans are not exhibiting common sense. Apparently high unemployment has led to this decline in subscribers but at least I got to rant about one of my favorite rip-offs. To read a little story about this click here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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