Is Zero Weak

Here’s the way it works. There are peaceful little goat herders over in Iran. And as long as you give them the evil eye and beat your woman they respect you. But try to reason with them and they now see you as a weak and pathetic adversary. What do you think they are thinking about Chairman Zero?

Now I may have embellished this scenario a bit but basically that’s the way it works with that culture. Do you think a guy like Imadinnerjacket has any respect at all for this mooslim turned infidel we call Obama? He’s going to talk to them. What? Imadinnerjacket will soon have all the makings of a WMD and the technology to deliver it. Are you comfortable with that?

You see, worst case scenario with them is that you are a mooslim and you stop being a mooslim. To them, that’s worse than anything else you can do. Not only do they not respect him they would like to lop his head off. I’m sure Hillary commands much more respect. (Sorry, still searching for that sarcasm font.)

At any rate my point is that I’m afraid we are not giving much of a presence around the arab world. And that could be devastating to the tune of 9-11 was nothing in comparison. Let’s recap; Imadinnerjacket has nuke ability, Zero has NO respect, the Secretary of State is not even recognised, and Zero refuses to secure our borders. Sleep well. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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