So what happens if you give the econazis full run of a community? We shall see. San Francisco is ready to take the old naval base at Treasure Island and convert it into Ecotopia. Read all about it at the pie-in-the-sky website right here. OK, so it looks like this has been in the works since 2006, so how much has actually been done? As near as I can figure they have talked about it. And of course they have collected plenty of funds via the Clinton Climate Initiative’s Climate Positive Development Program so that everyone in all the street gangs involved (the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA), the Treasure Island Community Development, LLC (TICD), and the Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative (TIHDI), are¬†receiving a fine salary. But not to worry, they’re all not-for-profits.

So this has been going on for at least ten years now (probably closer to fifteen) and everybody has been collecting their salary and just now they are planning to dish out $105 million for the Island. Here’s a nice little story with a picture of a nice lady. Now let’s get to the best part of the plan. It will be wind, solar, and tidal powered. Right. Except for the power they will be getting from the electric company to keep the lights on the windmills lit. And the coup degras, the island is man-made. Hope you’re pleased with the use of your tax dollars. No doubt San Fran Nan will get back in next election if she can keep getting her face in front of this. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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