Which Ones Are Those

I was listening to the radio today and I hear about the latest plan from Chairman Zero to stimulate the economy. Apparently it’s the no name plan but for our purposes we’ll just call it the colossal waste of tax dollars 2 or CWCD2 for short. Now the radio talent at the time, Rush Limbaugh I believe, was lamenting the trotting out of the usual “punishments” for not letting the derelicts spend our money frivolously. You know, fewer police, fewer firefighters, fewer teachers.

Then he was asking the timeless question, how come it’s always the essentials that must go and never the luxuries? He equated it to having your electricity turned off when you are short on money instead of not going out to the movies or out to eat. Now I have agreed with this viewpoint for as long as I can remember. I really don’t think we need seven gubmint bosses for two gubmint workers. Why not cut out the safety man and the chief observational engineer for a savings of $200,000.00 instead of one worker for a savings of $28,000.00?

Anyway he continues on and begins to actually defend the teachers. This from the guy who calls them gubmint screwells. So I’m thinking, just how badly are teachers paid? So I go to the NEA website and they have statistics coming out their union posterior but no actual figures. When I finally find the average buried in some obscure article in the Washington Post or something it is $46,000.00. For nine months work.

Now you can extrapolate and say that it would equate to $61,333.33 per year or just treat it like what it is, about twelve hundred dollars a week with a three-month sabbatical where you can do whatever you please and know you have this cushy job to come back to in the fall.

Now feel free to hop all over me in the comments section about how we will lose all the good ones if we cut this wage but the fact remains, our students are coming out of gubmint screwells dumber than ever. So, before you mop the floor with me, please point out, which ones are the good ones? Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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2 Responses to “Which Ones Are Those”

  1. Mrs. Anti-Virus Says:

    I bet you wish george bush was still president now

    • Rick Schroeder Says:

      Honestly I felt W was too far to the left, then he went ahead and proved it with his homeland security scam. Are we any safer because we do the kabuki dance through the airport?

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