Texas And EPA

So the environmentalists’ propaganda agency (EPA) is trying to back door into a global warming scam and the Great State of Texas told them to pack it, in no uncertain terms. See the letter here. I found this on a blog called “The Strata-Sphere. The post is great, see it here.

As I have said in the past you have to watch this administration all the time. So be sure to check out the Global Warming.org link at the bottom. It gives a great break down on how Chairman Zero is trying to legislate from the executive branch as well as the judicial branch. I can’t believe he is getting away with some of this stuff.

I have no idea how any of this is going in other States. Between Lindsey Lohan and the oil spill scam there is no other news out there. The base of the scam is that the feds are trying to get States to swear an oath to the EPA. WTF? I have never heard of such a ridiculous thing in my life. Maybe they could affirm, then turn around and totally ignore it, as Zero did when he affirmed to protect the Constitution. Seriously folks, watch these scoundrels. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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