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Can anyone tell me exactly when the morons in Hollyweed became the trusted authorities on everything from stem cell research to foreign policy? When did Opie become the final word on politics? His video, “Ron Howard’s A Call To Action” has been removed but I did find a roving reporter talking to him on the street. See for yourself here. Fonzy and Andy Taylor are also experts so I guess Opie is in there by association.

Now just who is this James Cameron to be advising anyone on an oil spill? At least he’s a director, but so is Opie now. Apparently he has the ultimate knowledge of these types of things because he has made films under water. Well now I feel so much better. I hope we paid him a giant consulting fee. Good luck trying to find any information about how those tax dollars were spent.

When did this all get so convoluted? Are you still wondering how we got such a buffoon for a President, or why so many of our elected officials are this way? Personally I don’t think these people do a very good job doing the “art” they claim as their profession much less sticking their liberal noses in political issues. When we started letting these people run our gubmint is when we started going down hill fast.

Just a little something for you to ponder. One more thing, if Otis was such a terrible drunk, why did Andy keep letting him out of jail? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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