Where’s The Oil

I know you won’t believe it but they are having a hard time finding oil to clean up in the gulf. Look here. And that’s from Google. If anybody was going to sugar coat it it would be the kind of people that have goats mow their lawn. Check that here.

As I said in my post of May 5, 2010, Oil Spill, the ocean handles this stuff itself. My goodness, a Nobel Prize Winner agrees with me? Please don’t hold that against me. See that here. Many numbers have been kicked  around in attempts to make this the biggest catastrophe ever but at this time I still don’t think it makes the list. Maybe they don’t update the list that frequently, I don’t know.

What I do know is that Thad Allen is calling boats in for repairs and such and the administration is hoping this rain shower in the Caribbean turns into something horrible so they can say that’s why the boats are in and that it must have dissipated the oil.

Poor Chairman Zero, none of his evil plan to take over the world is working out any more. Now he’s had to put his tax on farting on hold. See that here. Oh well, I have to go celebrate. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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