Electric Cars

Let me, hopefully, be the first to clue you in on a little physics lesson. When you convert raw energy from one form to another you lose a little bit in the conversion. This cannot be avoided and there is no way around it. Maybe someday some genius somewhere will come up with a way but at this time this is a solid law of physics.

So, when you burn coal you lose a little bit of the energy as you heat water. When your steam turns your turbine you lose a little energy. When your turbine generates electricity you lose a little energy. As the energy travels across the wires to your home you lose a little energy. When you charge your battery you lose a little energy. And finally, when you turn the wheels of your electric car you lose a little energy. Whatever is left is used up moving your Prius down the road. See why they have an internal combustion engine on board.

That’s right my friends, it’s a farce. The electricity that your Prius is using is one of the filthiest forms of power available. On top of that you have wasted quite a bit just getting it in your car. Does this really sound like the clean green wave of the future? Yeah. I think not. On top of that an electric car is the dog from…well you get the idea.

Now, in a departure from my usual whining and complaining about greenies I am here to offer the solution that everyone seems to want to overlook. What can it possibly be? Hydrogen. What you say? Well let me tell you. For about two thousand dollars any internal combustion engine can be made to operate on hydrogen. In addition it will be much peppier. And the best part is steam comes out the tailpipe. Yup, breath deeply. Steam won’t poison you.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Hydrogen? Isn’t that what was in the Hindenburg? Why yes, yes it was. I know you’re next thought. Well that was a catastrophe. Yes, yes it was. But, and this is a big but, suppose the Hindenburg would have been filled with gasoline. All those people you see in the video running from the crash would have been, at the very least, badly burned. And I venture to say that a lot less would have survived.

You see, when the container that contains hydrogen is ruptured, even if it catches fire, the majority of the lighter than air fuel goes up and dissipates, not down and all over the ground to hinder escape and rescue efforts. Can you say bonus? You see the major argument against hydrogen is one of it’s best attributes.

So, let’s recap. Your 1969 Road Runner is converted to hydrogen. Somehow it is even faster than it was. If you’re cold you can just start it up and let it run into the house and you are not only warmed but humidity on a cold winter day is raised as well. I don’t know, with this out there it just seems to me that some people don’t really care about the environment, they just have a problem with your SUV. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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