See What Happens

Today in The Washington Post there was a lovely little story about how the libs in the House are getting mad at Chairman Zero. Apparently, after they shamelessly bent over and “went along” (?) with his socialist agenda such as the stimulus slush fund, Obamacare, and the global warming scam,  he isn’t doing enough to help them get re-elected. And oh how I’m loving it. There’s just so much here, too much to explain so let me sum up.

First, the House libs should not look a gift horse in the mouth. What I mean here is that as we discovered so far a nod from Zero is the kiss of death. How many hapless libs have bitten the dust after dear leader endorsed them? To look at this rationally he is doing the best he can for them by staying away. The farther the better.

Next, what did they expect from him. Just look at him. Mr. “I voted present”. What did they think they would be getting from him. He can’t break out the stimulus slush fund yet so they won’t be getting that. And, he’s nothing more than a Chicago thug. When he’s gotten what he wants from you he’s done with you. Hello. Darn that’s funny. What kind of fool would be in league with that? Oh yeah, we’re talking about libs here.

Also there’s the narcissism. Yeah he really thinks he’s the only one that’s real here and everybody else is just a figment of his giant brain. He’s played this gay scenario out in his twisted noggin since he was a tiny tot and everything has gone his way so far so why shouldn’t he believe that he will become “King of the World”.

And speaking of gay, they are tweaked at him too. This is just great. Everywhere you turn somebody’s waiting to lambaste this slob. I am going to love November but the real treat will be 2012. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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