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Funny Guy

July 13, 2010

I’ve said this many times and it’s still true, a lot of people out there think that Jon Stewart is really giving them the news. Here’s the scary part, at best it’s an opinion editorial, and these people are voting based on that. Voila! Obama is elected. So here’s what we need. A person out there delivering the news. The real news, with comedy.

Who said the news has always got to be about the five car pile up on I-80? That’s what the alphabet networks are for. Give us the political news, what Chairman Zero really did and what Pelosi really said, but make it entertaining. Let’s get the conservative slant and make it funny. God knows these people give us a plethora of material. Biden could fill a half of an hour alone.

I’m telling you folks, you want to be a superstar? Give me this right now. Look at Glenn Beck. He tries but he’s so anal it just isn’t quite right and still, look at the money he makes, last I heard 12 million a month. Now you can’t live on that but it’s a good start. Limbaugh could do it but he has some sort of aversion to TV. So one of you need to step up.

I don’t know how many TV people we have reading out there but here’s your sign. Give me a funny guy like Jon Stewart, with a conservative slant, that can entertain, and inform, and this will work. We’re talking decades of success. Until next time, screw environmentalists.