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Yet Another Czar

July 7, 2010

Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly be any worse Chairman Zero dredges up scum of Biblical proportions. Dr. Donald Berwick, of the East Berlin Berwicks I believe (he said conjuring up memories of a simpler time when your lethal enemies were mostly outside the country), is one of the worst (or best depending on your view) communists I have ever heard. Hear for yourself here.

Now there’s a lot of flap out there about Zero’s ability to do this but that’s not the question here. In my post of March 5, 2010, paragraph three clearly states this. Obama is quite an accomplished Constitutional scholar. I’ll give him that. But he is using this knowledge to get around the Constitution, not defend it.

The sad fact is Zero has done nothing wrong here. LEGALLY. In fact he has artfully sidestepped the law at every turn. He is actually thinking ahead of his adversaries. He often even surprises me. I once recall likening him to a retarded Energizer Bunny but I may have been premature on the retarded part. He will win if this is left to continue.

Somebody has got to get ahead of him and put a stop to this. November is not coming fast enough. Perhaps we need to put some pressure on these elected minstrels we have in DC. Are any of them smart enough to counter dear leader? I’ve warned before to watch what his other hand is doing. He keeps several balls in the air at all times and juggles them expertly. If TOTUS is his only flaw, we are in trouble. Until next time, screw environmentalists.