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July 5, 2010

When some of my ancestors came here from Germany they were told to get a job, learn the language and assimilate. Oddly enough the gubmint didn’t start doing everything from street signs to school lessons in German. Now that’s just rude. I think a little reparation is in order here don’t you. Of course other of my ancestors were shoved aside and put in reservations. Their land was taken and they were told not to speak their own language ever again. Then their were the other ancestors who came here, saw and conquered. I guess that’s why we are speaking English.

I have friends and relatives who have come here from other countries. Legally. And they are some of the most upset over this push to pardon illegals. You ought to see the things they have to do for years to be an American citizen. Apparently there was a little trouble on the border recently. I guess some illegals might be illegal no matter where they go. 21 dead. That should void their green card. Check it out here.

You see Chairman Zero has successfully fooled some of the people some of the time. Just long enough to get in office. Now he needs these new voters to get re-elected. If he doesn’t get these 12 – 45 million new Democrats soon he will lose in 2012. Basically that’s what all this boils down to and thus the term undocumented Democrats. Until next time, screw environmentalists.