The Rules

Everybody keeps saying Obama’s oil spill is BP’s fault so they should clean it up alone. I’m not so sure that’s right and proper. You see, the gubmint has been telling private businesses how they can and can’t run their business for decades. Once the gubmint starts telling private business people how they can and can’t do business they should be just as responsible.

Poppycock you say? Well let’s look at it this way, do you think a company like BP would be drilling for oil nearly a mile under the ocean if they didn’t have to? This same oil can be accessed from much more convenient locations. I think I even heard that it could be accessed from dry land. Gee, that sure would be easier to fix now wouldn’t it?

Square biz, water weighs about 2.4 pounds for every foot of height. It doesn’t mater how vast the area is, only the depth matters. At 5,000 feet we’re looking at about twelve thousand pounds of pressure. That is what’s making this so difficult. What kind of hydraulic hoses do you need to operate at that depth? How do you seal an electric motor for that kind of pressure? Can any human ever be expected to withstand this kind of pressure?

As well as the gubmint I think we should have a healthy compliment of environmentalists out there. Until next time, screw them.

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