Robot Crash

Did I not say it was like the Keystone Cops out there? They crashed a robot into the pipe and knocked the cap off? Is that right? Is it just me or does that sound incredibly stupid? So I’m listening to Limbaugh today and he says, as soon as Obama lifted his boot off the neck of BP they screwed up. He took his laser like focus away from his oil spill for one moment and it all went bad. He’s even got me believing we need cap-and-trade now.

What really went on in that meeting the other day? Why did the BP guy go AWOL? Why are people abandoning Dear Leader this way? Could it be that they think some things might get out that may be criminal? Global criminal? Something like say creating a giant environmental catastrophe to forward your socialist agenda?

How is it so much more of a stretch to think that Chairman Zero would do this to pass cap-and-trade than it was to think Curious George would go along with 911 to pass homeland security? It’s all designed to take your God-given rights. We’re all to stupid for our own good anyway, right? We shouldn’t have guns or cars or safety pins. Heck, those lawn mowers are dangerous as can be too.

Maybe we weren’t meant to live like this. Maybe we should all be in dung huts raising rice by hand and crapping in five gallon buckets. At any rate we should apparently not be running robots across the ocean floor a mile down. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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