Tea Party

Yes. I have been to tea parties. No. I don’t belong to the “tea party”. I don’t even know what it is. Most of the people who attend tea parties don’t know what the “tea party” is. Apparently it’s a bogus bunch of shysters trying to capitalize on the success of the tea party movement.

Something I have noticed is that a lot of mainstream media types and career politicians can’t understand the tea party movement. I have attempted to explain this in short before but now I will get detailed from an attendee point of view. That’s right, an attendee, because the first order of business is you don’t belong. It’s not an organization. So all these shysters claiming to belong are totally out of the loop. They have no idea what they are talking about.

You don’t belong because it’s an idea. An idea whose time has come. If you are a member of the “tea party” you probably don’t have the support of the tea partiers. Why the name? Because modern-day tea partiers desire a return to the ideals of the original tea partiers. We are a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy. To paraphrase an old saying, two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch is a democracy. Liberty is an armed sheep fighting back.

Now, if I have to explain to you what the ideals of the original tea partiers are, you don’t get it. You need to learn this on your own. I do write a continuing piece on the Constitution which should help you quite a bit. We’re up to about part 30 and it happens every Friday now. Archives are available for you to read. There is no fast and hard answer for what you believe and only you can determine that but to help you here is the little quiz. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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