Entertainment Only

I have been perplexed lately as to how many people are ill-informed. Then I heard that Jon Stewart is the number one news source out there. Jon Stewart is a comic folks. I hope I didn’t burst that bubble too quickly for you. The sad part is I can see how people would turn to a comic for their news. He’s probably just as accurate as the regular news folks out there.

I haven’t watched my news for about thirty years. I remember a guy that I thought was kind of reputable until I caught him telling fairy tales that I could prove wrong and I believe he’s dead now. I really don’t know. Another guy became a raging drunk and drifted into obscurity because he couldn’t take the lying any more. I haven’t read a news paper since before that as I realized that they were as liberal as could be early on.

My only source for many years was the radio and word of mouth. I always tried to get verification from several sources, that would usually prove accurate. Fox news came along and I thought they might be reliable for a while but I really am thankful for the internet. One thing that really hurt me was a piece done by some ex Fox News reporters. You can see that here, but as ex employees you have to take it with a grain of salt.

The thing is it just seems like if it’s not sensational or titillating the networks don’t want to report it. Basically I think the news has become entertainment only. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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