So I’m listening to one of the radio programs the other day and the guy is talking about jobs. I believe it was Neil Boortz and he’s quoting some ridiculously high number like thirty percent of the work force is now temps. I’m thinking this can’t be true so he starts explaining what’s going on.

Apparently Obamacare has put people out of a job and into the temp world. The way Boortz explains it a business has thirty-five thousand dollars to get a certain job done and rather than hire an employee and go through all the red tape involved in paying fines for not giving insurance and what not they just call a temp service and have them send somebody.

I guess a lot more businesses are going this way now. The hassles are minimized because the temp service goes through all the red tape. An additional bonus for the business is things like if the employee gets sick or pregnant they just get a different temp. They don’t have to supply retirement. They have no full-time employees with benefits. The temp service gives them vacation and sends a new temp over to fill the position.

This all sounds just ducky doesn’t it? Let me tell you what, the temp never does as good a job as a real employee. Try to find something after a temp has organized your files, especially if that temp knows they are going to be out for six months with a baby. But then again how hard is it to train somebody to flip a burger. Do you want a temp making your Whopper? It may already be happening, I don’t know. Hey, it’s food for thought. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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