As I drive around burning three dollar a gallon fossil fuel to entertain myself on my days off I have noticed an alarming number of places off limits to me. WTF? It seems like everything is some kind of cockamamie conservation area. Conserved for what? The obscure butt-faced tutu a rare and worthless species of crow. Maybe not that but something equally as stupid.

When I was young we used to take our five thousand pound four wheel drive pick-up trucks and crash through the woods to an undisclosed location where we would set up our trap and shoot skeet with lead bird shot. Then we would four wheel back out. Great fun for an afternoon. Even more fun at night. Try doing that now. The environmentalists have it so you can’t even drive in the woods anymore, much less shoot the evil lead shot in there. And the last box of skeet I bought was three times as much as it should have been but it was environmentally friendly, I kid you not. What a crock.

I am telling you this because I am not that old and this much has changed in my life. By the next generation all this will be forgotten. Freedom as I knew it will be a thing of the distant past instead of the goal it should be. I’m telling you here and now these environmentalists will not stop until they have removed humans from the Earth and are sticking an environmentally friendly gun in their own mouths to make the scouring of the Earth complete. Remember in November, libs out. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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