Jim Crow Laws And Smoking

So I’m listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show today and Walter E. Williams is guest hosting. Now he’s talking about Rand Paul and he’s trying to encourage him to vigorously defend his position regarding his response to some question from a lib where he kind of stammered and they took it out of context and made it sound like he was against civil rights for blacks.

Now I have heard of Walter E. Williams before and I have read some of his stuff but I’ve never heard him speak. He is a very compelling speaker and he goes into this long and convoluted comparison using Jim Crow laws. He gets to a part where he is telling how the Jim Crow laws came into being and Williams says how when street cars, that were privately owned, started being segregated some of the companies did not want to segregate. Well the companies who did segregate started to lose business so they got the city council to make these laws so that everybody had to segregate.

Up until now I am just listening. Then he says it’s just like smoking bans and I remember this. Bars and restaurants that did not want smoking, banned it. So people started going in droves to the ones that did not have the ban. The liberal jerks in the nonsmoking joints got the city to make a law so that everyone had to do it. That, my friends, sums up the liberal agenda. Is everybody happy now? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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