Just Define It

When I was young and raised in the liberal bastion that I called home, racism was defined as a person who thinks differently of another person because of their race. It could be that you thought better of them or worst, it didn’t matter. Examples would be; He can run fast because he’s black, or she’s really good at math because she’s Asian. These were racist statements. Are they now?

The reason I raise these questions is that I do not believe that the Arizona laws are racist. This goes back to what these people are doing to get here. THEY ARE ILLEGALS! They got here illegally.

Back to the beginning, when I was young and raised in the liberal bastion that I called home, ignorance of the law was no excuse for breaking it. You were guilty just the same and paid the same penalty.

In my experience the people most offended by what is going on are the immigrants who have come here legally. Do you have any idea what they go through to come here and become a citizen. They certainly don’t knock the American flag to the ground as some “students” in California did. Click here to see that.

The law in Arizona is just having the State do the feds job and enforce immigration laws that already exist. I’m just sick and tired of all the same old crap from the libs on this. Once again I tell you these libs have got to go. Remember in November and as always, until next time, screw environmentalists.

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