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The Big Scare

May 11, 2010

So I faithfully go to post last night and there it is. A “Warning Error” from WordPress about the content of my blog. I forge ahead but I am locked out. I vaguely recall something about a law that might have been in the works that may have passed in the wee hours of the weekend that might have pertained to the internet. Now I’m wondering what I should do.

I go to the warning page and contact WordPress as I was instructed. One hour. Nothing. Two hours. Nothing. I start to check out these people I am in league with. They’re in San Francisco, oh oh. San Fran Nan’s from there. They’re young, oh oh. They might be liberals. What now. As you all know I didn’t get to post last night.

Now I’m thinking this is one heck of a way to live. Here I am in fear of my gubmint. MY GUBMINT! What the heck? Now I’m getting mad. I start researching other places to post. I’m thinking the gubmint got to the publisher and they are holding me off until the gubmint can put me in the proper facility (Guantanamo?). I dash off a quick e-mail to everyone on my contact list describing the situation and my fears in case I’m not here today.

Then I start thinking about what could possibly be the objection to my posts. I review them. Nothing I can see. I go to bed, go to work, all day long getting more and more angry about my first Amendment rights. Long story short I come home today after all the suspicion and anger and they just want me to censor my comments. It actually sounds like they are only concerned about spammers. OK. Again, this is a heck of a way to live. Remember in November. As always, until next time, screw environmentalists.