Chairman Zero

As much as I want to be a birther that ship has sailed. At this point it don’t really matter where he was born, he’s President. While I respect the office I have no respect whatsoever for the occupant. It has nothing to do with him being black, or where he was born. It has everything to do with him being a communist. I actually respect him less than Clinton (pick one).

A lot of people I talk to are surprised that so many blacks are Democrats given the Democrat Party’s long history of fighting against civil rights but if you’re going to be a communist it’s the party of choice. My whole life has seen the Democrat Party forwarding this agenda and this most recent administration is the culmination of that agenda.

I fully expected that a lot of the term would be spent campaigning for the next term on our dollar, after all both parties are guilty of that but this guy makes it his mission. A teleprompter? Please. I guess it’s difficult to remember what you were going to say when you’re lying.

The really scary part of this administration is the people he surrounds himself with. All of questionable character and many with criminal backgrounds, it really doesn’t inspire confidence or trust does it? As a Libertarian I could overlook all kinds of personal flaws, after all we’re all human. But after the Obamacare railroad I registered Republican in hopes that thousands would do the same and make a clear statement to this administration. I have not seen any statistics to support that but I still hope it worked. the word is that he is scaring away Independents in droves, the very people who elected him, so here’s hoping they can remember to November.

My feelings on this Presidency are like a long, horrible winter storm that we are all caught in and riding out. Just hoping to survive. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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