The Internet

So. I was looking on the internet for an article I read some time ago. I searched and searched but it was not to be found. I finally did find it but no where it should have been. I thought to myself that I think I have had this problem a few times before. Thinking myself somewhat ignorant of how things work I just figured I either didn’t know how to search right or I was unaware of the order of things on the internet.

Apparently that is not the case. I guess I am pretty savvy when it comes to things that are internet. I was listening to a guy on the radio who is also pretty savvy when it comes to things that are internet and he was having the same problem. Now I know this guy is savvy so I am deducing that I also am savvy. The problem has been identified by others that are savvy as the internet being “scrubbed”.

The heck you say? Scrubbed. Apparently the less scrupulous among us are going on the internet and removing things that don’t suit their agenda. Going on Wikipedia and other such sites and rewriting or removing what doesn’t meet their criteria. This doesn’t sound like it’s legal. Who would do such a thing? From what I understand his initials are BHO. That’s right, I’ve been led to believe that our own Chairman Zero is having this done.

I cannot verify this but I can attest that things I knew were at a certain place are no longer there. I heard a lot of talk about the federal gubmint buying a bunch of sites from Google and different places and using them to their evil ends as well. Hey, it’s out there. Google it while you still can. Sterilization is occurring as we speak. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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