Thank you so much environmentalists for this piece of crap idea. It’s been called the former miracle fuel that isn’t even environmentally friendly. Here are some benefits(?) that you probably weren’t even aware of, moisture mixes with ethanol and causes large amounts of water to form in your tank. If you drive a vehicle with rubber fuel lines any where in the system this wonder fuel eats them and dumps little pieces of crap in your carburetor and injectors. If you have a carburetor with anything but a metal float it will help eat that up too.

But the number one wonderful thing about ethanol is the subsidies. They just keep on coming. But hey, they expire this year. 51 cents a gallon to start with and it can be as high as $1.38 per gallon, read about it here. All this horse feces in the name of..? Anybody? Anybody? Global warming.

Now I hear that the illegals are having to pay 14% more for their tortillas due to corn prices being driven up by..? Anybody? Anybody? Ethanol production. While this is quite an impressive strategy to get rid of the illegals I really don’t think it’s going to work as the prices have risen in Mexico as well.

Oh well, another hair-brained enviroplan gone horribly bad. Can’t say I’ll lose any sleep over this but I do hope those subsidies die a quiet death all alone somewhere. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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