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Climate Hocus-Pocus

April 13, 2010

Chairman Zero and his schoolyard chums are preparing to ram some climate crap down the worlds throat in June. The are afraid…um… concerned that the people will notice…um…think that the climate is not changing as much as predicted by the giant brains at the UN. They will need 67 of the 100 Senators to vote for this piece of…legislation(?) so be sure to e-mail your own particular piece of…congresscritter regarding this when the time comes. There is a nice little piece at Mens News Daily about this, click here to read it.

The little dictator, Algore, had an interview with Fox News Reporter Jesse Watter, although he refused to have an interview, his running away spoke volumes. To have a giggle at the Goracle’s expense click here. Enjoy the scene as Algore is asked the tough questions you’ve always wanted to hear him answer and thrill as he runs for cover.

This little SOB is a perfect example of why liberals need to be removed from the political scene. If it weren’t for addled brains they would have no brains at all. During the part where Jesse is asking are you embarrassed I thought he would come unglued and go ballistic but he held his line and went to lunch. Which I found odd as he is always out to lunch. Oh well, let’s just keep all this in the forefront of our minds and not forget to e-mail our Senators when the time comes. Until next time, screw Algore and all his environmentalists minions.