Here’s an idea I heard on the radio. If you’re on the gubmint dole you don’t vote. What do you think of that? I think a lot of people are going to say racist. Why would you say racist? Could it be because you are really the racist and you believe, in your racist little heart, that everybody on the gubmint dole is a minority or something?

I have always thought that if you have no stake in this country you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. What do I mean by “have a stake in this country”? A landowner. How many landowners are on the gubmint dole? Do you know? Do you think none? I think you might be surprised. There are second and third generation landowners out there that can barely scrape together their property taxes each year.

Just because a person has fallen on hard times, due to say an incompetent elected official, should they lose their voting rights? Maybe there should be a given amount of time a person has to be on the gubmint dole before they lose their voting rights? A year? Six months? Should that be cumulative or consecutive?

I don’t know how well I like these ideas. However, with forty-seven percent of the people now being on the gubmint dole it’s time that we took a look at the direction this country is going. Once over fifty percent are on the gubmint dole will that be the end of things as we know it? I will not produce so that someone else can sit around and smoke dope. Will this be when Atlas shrugs?

Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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