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Why Don’t He Stop

April 7, 2010

Yesterday I asked that question referring to Chairman Zero’s inability to get the ball to the plate. I would like to put forth a theory here so I hope you have all seen the old e-mail joke about how liberals and conservatives originated because I am only going to paraphrase and it won’t be as funny.

In the joke they referred to the liberals hanging around and figuring out how to tax the conservatives for making their beer and other productive work so that they didn’t die off. Well this is the culmination of that idea. The very weakest of the girlie men has now become the supreme leader, at least in his eyes and those of his followers. I know that most of you are sitting out there and saying let him do what he wants, I just won’t play along. And that is exactly how I feel but they have stacked the deck in their favor and if we honor the game, which some will, we are going to be screwed.

It sounds horrible but we failed to let the weak die off and now they have risen to positions of authority. What are you going to do? I, for one, will take a day off from producing and go up and play their game and make sure they are tossed out of office. We have to take the hit in the pocketbook if necessary to make sure this stops now. The next time you see dear leader trying to impress with his athletic prowess, remember this rant and promise yourself that you WILL be doing something about it each and every election day. Lameness doesn’t end at the federal level. I’m sure there are many local girlie men you can send packing.

You know what really hurts? Pelosi is tougher than Zero. Until next time screw environmentalists.