The Democrats have taken to calling the Republicans the party of no. They always seem to be calling someone something. How becoming is that? Is it any wonder they are losing members hand over fist. I heard the other day that after the passage of the health care enslavement initiative that hoards of people went in and registered as Republicans. Was that on NBC? Oh. Right. My bad.

So with the homos and lesbos mad at them is that helping out here? Bawney Fwank can’t carry the whole load for them somebody has to step up here. Maybe Zero could step out on Michelle with a little Philippino pool boy or something. After that throw at the ball game it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Why don’t he stop that? He should concentrate on something he does well, like…ah…maybe… So who won that game anyway?

If the Republicans are the party of no (thank God) the Democrats are the party of yes? That would make sense, since they say yes to every left field hair brained thought that comes down the pike. How about welfare. What kind of half-assed program is that? Let’s pay people for doing absolutely nothing and if they should do something let’s penalize them. Does that pretty much sum it up? No wonder their party mascot is a jackass.

Just wanted to go ahead and get some of that off my chest. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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