Too Stupid To Prevent Climate Change

That’s what James Lovelock says, “Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change.” I don’t know what he’s really trying to say here but you should read it for yourself at this link. He also had some quite unflattering things to say about today’s scientists here. I think I’m starting to like this guy though.

Let me see if I can break it down for you. Not what Lovelock says, read that for yourself at the links, what I know. It’s a cold winter. Why? The Earth wobbles on its axis. It has wobbled in such a way that we are farther from the sun. In addition the sun has not produced any sun spots lately. They put the suns energy closer to us. There you have a colder winter. And, we are too stupid to prevent it. I concur.

Now that I’ve solved that dilemma for you let’s move on to yesterdays Jeopardy show. There was a warmist on there who stated unequivocally that global warming is happening. She went on to amass a whopping fifty dollars in Final Jeopardy. I thought this fitting of someone with such a giant brain. Sorry. I just couldn’t resist. Yes, it’s true. Alex always seems to tap dance around these issues, he made no firm commitment one way or the other just a guarded remark about influential people who felt differently. Smart, that one.

Anyway, be sure to check out these links. It’s great and as always, screw environmentalists.

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