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March 18, 2010

I hate having to go back to this but I would feel negligent if I didn’t. What is the fixation with this? Today the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) was supposed to release its preliminary estimate of the health care bill. Two hours before that happened Steney Hoyer, the House Majority Leader, issued phony estimates and the liberal media ran with it.

When the real estimate came out it had a cover page that was basically a disclaimer. They said it was a preliminary estimate of the Senate bill and didn’t even include the reconciliation bill. You can read the reconciliation bill here. It’s my understanding that it calls for the hiring of 12,000 IRS agents. Why would they need this you ask? Because they are to enforce it.

Now, from what I hear if this becomes law a full 60% of health care professionals will quit. What they will do I haven’t heard. Become vets and work illegally? I don’t know. Move out of the country? Retire? Also La Raza, the Hispanic race group plans to protest this law. They expect 250,000 people to show up this weekend. If you would like to protest it but can’t get there the numbers are 877-762-8762 and 202-224-3221. Shut down the switchboard.

A final thought on this, a cub reporter for Fox News, Bret Baier, grilled Chairman Zero yesterday and the reason it is being called an interview riddled with interruptions is because Zero didn’t answer one question. Here is the interview. It’s twenty minutes of dog and pony.As always, screw environmentalists.