2nd Amendment Still Under Assault

The State of Maine gave it a shot. They have legislation, LD1817, on the table that would allow law enforcement to confiscate firearms in domestic violence cases even if there was not even the threat of using the firearm.

A while ago I told you about an article in the American Thinker that mentioned a treaty that Chairman Zero may sign. It’s called the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) has an article on that right now that makes me feel much better. According to the NRA-ILA there isn’t even a draft yet and work will continue on it until 2012 when we can ditch Chairman Zero.

Actually it seems like things are going quite well on this front. the guns confiscated in New Orleans can be retrieved by following the instructions at this link. And we can once again carry in National Parks. All in all not too bad.

While this is all good news let’s not forget that H.R.45, H.R.257 and S.1317 are still lingering out there. At any rate let’s sit back and wait for the Supreme Court decision on the Chicago Gun case. And, as always, screw environmentalists.


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