In 1 Samuel, chapter 18, verse 7 the Bible says, “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands.” This was just after David killed Goliath. Saul and David. Good company if you ask me. Why do you suppose this would be OK? Is it the Christian thing to do? Onward Christian soldiers. What’s this all about?

I am not here to preach to you but I am here to make my point. There are heathens in this world that cannot be saved. I used to struggle with this but with time I have come to accept it. I feel kind of funny even writing about it. The last thing I want to do is incite a riot or something. I hear a lot of crap about “the war”. I did not want this war and it was not a popular view at the time. Now that we are there I say finish what we went to do and come home. Stop procrastinating. I suppose that is not a popular view either.

You try to save everyone you can but some you just have to let go. And some you have to mow down. A people that preaches kill all infidels then defines infidels as anyone who does not hold their beliefs will probably have to be mowed down. These are heathen.These are not all the heathen.

Texas recently took a stand against some heathens. An article by Tony Beam in the Christian Post outlines this stand very nicely. I, for one, stand with Texas on this and I hope they are extremely successful. This is the type of thing we have to do if we are to take this country back from the undercover heathens. The communists, progressives and libs.

So when you hear thing like kill the heathens it is not hypocritical for Christians. And it’s about time we got back to basics. Until next time, screw environmentalists. And don’t forget, Saturday the 27th of March is Earth hour so turn on every light in and on your house. Light it up and show your non-support of this BS event.


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