Global Warming Deniers

Global warming deniers. An elite group composed of most of the people not institutionalized. A group I am proud to be a part of. How many scientists do you think there are in the world? In my reading I have been lead to believe that there are about thirty-five thousand worldwide. About five thousand have nothing to do with climate at all. Their expertise are in fields that have absolutely nothing to do with climatology. Of the remaining thirty thousand about thirty thousand have come out against this scam. So, besides Dr. Gore, who does that leave in favor of it?

An editorial at, by an un-named author, says that “global warming deniers…by dominating the media, are sowing doubts about the fundamental science.” WTF? When has anyone but the scammers dominated the media on this subject? Anyone? ANYONE?

An ecologist at Stanford University says his colleagues are at a loss about how to counter the attacks. “Everyone is scared shitless, but they don’t know what to do.” Hey Doc, try the truth. It must be tough to have such a giant brain with no sense. Ah the burdens we bear. I love when you actually get to engage one of these eggheads in a debate over this issue. They always end up saying in essence that you are too dumb to grasp the concept when in reality they are too inept to lie convincingly.

Anyway, I just wanted to bring to your attention the next phase of the scam. Be sure and check out the condescending article at the link. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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One Response to “Global Warming Deniers”

  1. rogerthesurf Says:

    How many scientists in the world?

    Well at least 31,486 according to the Global Warming Petition
    And thats in the US alone!



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