Obama For 2nd Amendment

Or is he? While we sit around like the accused at a felony trial waiting on the Supreme Court to issue its decision what else has been going on? An article by Anthony W. Hager in the American Thinker sums it up nicely. H.R. 45? Still hanging around. H.R. 257? Up and coming. S. 1317? What the heck is that? Better have a look because it could be misconstrued to apply to you, also, I believe it’s unconstitutional.

All very lethal pieces of “legislation” for the 2nd Amendment but nothing compared to the piece of… the treaty that Chairman Zero is planning to sign with the communists at the UN. Mr. Hager, in his article doesn’t give it much mention, or respect, but a piece of crap like this could make it very uncomfortable for us until our individual States stand up to the feds via 10th Amendment legislation. And this would be a worldwide thing with our communist Kenyan Presidents signature on it. Could Interpol show up at your door? I don’t know. Anyway, until next time, screw environmentalists.


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