I would like to put forth a theory that I have on why you can’t afford your prescriptions. It works something like this. Will you concede that dope pushers don’t like competition? Are they always having turf wars and such? Why should that be any different with the organized and legal pushers.

Think, if you will for a moment, back in time. Back to the sixties. Back to the seventies. When filthy hippies were pushing dope on every street corner. They were pretty much harmless and you had to know who they were and approach them. For some reason laws were enacted that treated these people like stone cold murderers. Twenty years in the pen for a small amount of weed. Have you heard of these cases? Why would we do that to a filthy hippie?

Next to follow were the natural cures and herbal remedies. Why have these things come under such scrutiny? We made laws and licensing so cumbersome and difficult that natural healers are almost all gone. How come? Did you ever try to get a natural remedy from your doctor? No go. They just will not do it. Do you know why? They won’t even give you old-time tried and true things such as morphine or meperidine.

Here’s my theory. The filthy hippies went away because big drugs didn’t like the competition. How else would such draconian laws get enacted against such worthless members of society? The natural remedies are a little more complex so follow along closely. A naturally occurring substance such as opium or marijuana is not subject to the taxing system that synthesized or man-made products are, so now the gubmint has a stake in it. In addition big drugs can’t put the healthy profit margin on them that they do on man-made crap, for research and development I’m told. Thus they outlaw the natural alternative.

Good plan, huh? Hey look into it for yourself. You’ll find the same brick walls and ignorance that I did. I once had a doctor tell me that he didn’t know what the product he was prescribing for me actually did beyond what the salesman told him. WTF?

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