El Nino

The snowpocalypse of snowmageddon. ABC, NBC, CBS, and all the rest are cheerfully reporting on how global warming is causing all of this. What the heck are they talking about? Just when I think they have gotten as stupid as humanly possible they go and buy into something like this. World class stupidity like this isn’t born it has to be cultivated over years of stupid training combined with years of total ignorance and obliviousness (Is that a word?) to ones surroundings. however, I believe today’s gubmint media is up to the task. See that here.

I have been around long enough to have seen this a few times before in my life. I remember it. I am sure many in the media would also if they just used even a small part of their tiny, smooth brains. I am sure many of you are scratching your heads and saying, “What the heck are they talking about? It’s just a snowstorm.” Rush Limbaugh said the same on his program today, then he proceeded to back it up with a climatologists report. Read that here.

The clown prince of stupid has been conspicuously absent from all these “who’s the biggest idiot” contests. And that’s a dirty shame because I’m sure Algore would have won hands down. I can only assume that he’s planning a really big to do for later on. Perhaps after he gets freed from the snowy prison where he is presently stuck. I wonder how his solar-powered snowplow is working out?

Well, let me end by letting you know that this is just the result of El Niño. No big deal, a regularly scheduled snowstorm, properly placed to make total fools of the libs in general. I wonder how bad it sucks to follow the salt truck to your global warming protest on your bicycle.


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2 Responses to “El Nino”

  1. rogerthesurf Says:

    There might be global warming or cooling but the important issue is whether we, as a human race, can do anything about it.

    There are a host of porkies and not very much truth barraging us everyday so its difficult to know what to believe.

    I think I have simplified the issue in an entertaining way on my blog which includes some issues connected with climategate and “embarrassing” evidence.

    In the pipeline is an analysis of the economic effects of the proposed emission reductions. Watch this space or should I say Blog


    Please feel welcome to visit and leave a comment.



  2. Bea Rima Says:

    I like your blog post, keep on writing this great material! I’ll make sure to follow up on your blog in the future.

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