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February 9, 2010

After little Barry and Rahm and the rest of the chess club rejects got their booty kicked at recess they decided to make some laws to punish the other kids but the other kids just laughed and threw snowballs at them. Now even some of the chess club rejects have started standing up to them so what will they do now? Let’s watch…

Just trying my hand at a little screenplay here but really that’s music to my ears. What we have here is States telling the federal gubmint that they do not recognize their self-appointed authority. So what will Rahm and Barry do? There really is nothing they can do. They are wrong and even a poor lawyer, such as Obama, can see that.

Montana started with a plan to have a “squeaky clean” Montanan send a note to the ATF telling them that he is going to manufacture and sell guns without federal dealership licensing. Then when Elliot Ness tells them it is illegal they will sue and take it to the Supreme Court. Montana, Texas, and Alaska have similar laws in the works that will address this overreaching of the feds. I tell you this Obama Presidency is the best thing that ever happened. Seriously, do you think we would be having all this great stuff going on if we still had a limp-wristed Republican like Bush in there? I love it when a plan comes together.

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