Support For Global Warming

Well, the sage has finally weighed in. That’s right fans, Osama bin Laden has issued a statement on his beliefs regarding climate change. Oddly enough he jumped right in lock step with his secret idol Algore. His minions will now target conservatives exclusively and leave liberals to do the good work of fighting global warming. Do these people meet in a cave on a goat farm somewhere to come up with this stuff?

In his doctoral dissertation the sage speaks of the evil corporations and comes right out and supports cap and trade. Perhaps, as Limbaugh suggested, he doesn’t have a very good internet connection in his cave and hasn’t yet heard of the climate-gate fiasco. Or maybe this all makes perfect sense. Think about it. Algore – two-bit dictator. Osama bin Laden – terrorist. Algore – wants to rule the universe. Osama bin Laden – wants to rule the world. They have more in common than you would think.

Well, since Chairman Zero has been outed as a “slow learner” and the wind has been taken out of the tattered sails of his Chinese junk I am going to start back concentrating on the original intent of this site, exposing environmentalists for the scamming thieves that they are and protecting our Second Amendment rights any way I can. I don’t expect that I will strike fear into the hearts of the liberal left but that won’t be the only mistake they ever make. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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