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Long Bill, Short Bill

February 2, 2010

As I have been working my way through the Constitution to write it out for you I am impressed at how short and to the point it is. I often have trouble finding things that need explanation. This brings a question to my addled mind. Why are bills in congress hundreds, sometimes thousands of pages long. Don’t give me some crap about things being complicated, these guys were setting up a Republic which has lasted for over two hundred years. I seriously doubt that any of these laws being enacted now will endure like that. Honestly, two thousand pages for health care? WTF?

As I pondered this a thought occurred to me. Bills should address one issue at a time. Let’s take a worst case, health care. Health care covers a lot of ground and I’m quite sure that there were more than just health care items in the current offering. So what if we just cover pre-existing conditions in a single bill? Still a large bit of material to be covered, but I think that we could get something done if this course was followed.

So, pre-existing conditions. They shall be covered by all new policies issued. Bill over. Let’s vote. Do you think the American people would have a problem with the wording here. If bills were limited to one issue per bill we would know that no pork was secreted within. I don’t know, do you think we should mention this to a piece of… work like Bawney Fwank?