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Septic System

February 1, 2010

Rural America might as well move on to the next stop on their browsing list because they know all about what I am talking about. I think everyone in America should live with a septic system at least for a while. Even if you have municipal water your septic will limit your wastefulness of the water.

When the waste-water starts coming up in the laundry room you know you have a problem. And by the time you get the septic sucking guy out there you have learned how to conserve extremely well. Now should you need a new drain field you will learn not to flush as often, how to shave more conservatively, and just how much time you really need to take a shower.

Because let me tell you between getting the money together, obtaining proper permitting and inspections and getting the guy to install the new system you will be conserving for many moons. Or you will be paying for regular pump outs of your tank. Yup, if all of America had to do their time living with a septic system we wouldn’t have any water problems at all. Oh yeah, and screw environmentalists.