Left And Right

Some talking head on the radio said something to the effect that JFK would have been farther to the right than today’s Republicans. Heck, I think a lot of people have said that, I may even have written about that on this blog before, I don’t remember. But the point is, was that true or not?

I know I have spoke of similar things before but I really gave this some thought. I am old enough to remember JFK. I remember the things people were saying at the time. Conservatives were not happy with him at all. He was really not on track to be a great President. Most of the things that people attribute to him were just as a result of things he said, challenges he made, before he was killed. Look back and dig, how much did he really do? This may surprise you.

Glenn Beck had a piece a while back that illustrated how far to the left we have moved. At the time I remember thinking how he was right but now I am beginning to question my own thinking at the time. The Obama Presidency has stirred a lot of Patriots to life that have been laying dormant and living life. Now they are back in action and getting busy.

We are seeing that there are a lot of conservative thinkers out there and some of them are running for office and getting elected. I think the media discrediting itself so badly has had a lot to do with that. I know I would not want to run for election if the media was going to do a full investigation into my past. But now that so few people watch and take them seriously I could probably make the cut.

At any rate, I think we may not be as far to the left as I thought. A lot of people out there are big fans of the Constitution and they aren’t afraid to make it known. To see the Glenn Beck thing I was talking about click here. It’s after the little sing along, maybe three minutes in.

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