1 Term Or 2

Last week on ABC World News Chairman Zero said that he would rather be a really good 1 term President than a mediocre 2 term president. The host of the program where I heard this, Limbaugh I think,  said maybe he could be a mediocre 1 term President.

Now I don’t often disagree with Limbaugh but I think it’s really a stretch for Zero to make it to mediocre. Poor old Jimmy Carter out right sucked and he was better than Obama. I was there and I don’t recall the communistic BS that is being forced on the American people now. And at least we knew where Jimmy was born. Yeah, call me a birther, I’m a stickler for little details like not having a foreign President with his loyalties in Kenya.

You know, it’s not a big deal. You get a job you show the proper credentials to qualify yourself for the job. Heck, I’ve had to pee in a cup to get a job before, who does this guy think he is? If I have to pee in a cup to pay taxes he should be willing to show his birth certificate to waste them. And that’s just one point of contention with this jackal. I’m still looking for an indictment. This has got to be some kind of felony with all the laws we have on the books.

Anyway, to look at his smug mug spewing this BS go to the following link. I try to put some of these things on here so you can just click on them but I have not mastered it or they will not allow it. I don’t know which yet.


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