The Anger

I heard today of a quote from “The Leader” (Chairman Zero), I believe it was Limbaugh who threw it out there, but it was an interview with Steponallofus. I’m going to have to paraphrase here but in this quote Chairman Zero said, “…the same anger that elected me, elected Scot Brown. People want change…” Again, I’m not certain of the exact wording and it was supposed to be for release tomorrow so I am not able to find it yet (if I do I will put a link here) but this is pretty much what he said as I wrote it down when I heard it.

Limbaugh immediately attacked saying that the same anger at George Bush was not the same anger that elected Scot Brown. I beg to differ, and the thought of agreeing with Zero gives me chills, but I think he got one right. If you can find the entire quote (sorry, I was driving at the time) you will see that his intention in the statement was that people are sick and tired of politics as usual and this is exactly what elected Zero even though he turned out to be more of the same times ten, and it’s exactly what elected Scot Brown.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Scot Brown will not be our weak link in this health care enslavement initiative, in fact I believe he will be one of the best Senators ever elected. Anybody that drives an old truck is on my plus list right away. But the fact is that we need to look at the rest of the chain. Sphincter already defected and there are several rinos lined up for deals (Snowe comes to mind) that we need to keep the pressure on. Harry Reid has already come out and said that this will have to wait so you know he’s planning a midnight vote somewhere down the line.

Look folks, all I’m saying is Limbaugh is right about the rest of it. Reid is on his way out, and he knows it, so he’s looking to leave a legacy. And enslaving the American people while taking over health care is just the ticket. BEWARE.

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