Are You A Sissy

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about men not being men. Limbaugh is calling it the “sissification” and the “chickification” of America. Beck has had a few choice comments to this effect. And even my local yaahoo has a woman calling the station every so often with man problems, she can’t find any. They’re all wussys. Her words, not mine.

Webster’s says a man is an adult male, the human race. A lot of people qualify for that. The men that are scarce are of the underlying meaning. A Man! You know, a real mans man. Some one that didn’t get a trophy for just competing but actually won. Just once in his life he did something manly. I don’t think you have to compete in a sporting competition to be a man but you need to do something. Something that gives you that feeling of real accomplishment.

I think I may not be getting across to some because this idea is so foreign that they have no idea what I am trying to say? Let me try to break it down for you. When you complete a task, let’s say something as rudimentary as changing your oil, you get a feeling. It swells inside you like too much beer. It’s not pride. It’s not that fish taco you had for lunch. It’s a felling of accomplishment in a job well done. Not just any job. A manly job. A job traditionally assigned to a MAN.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we need more men out there who are not just full of self-esteem because they kicked a soccer ball down the field once in a game that nobody won or lost and got a trophy for participating with forty-seven other quasi-gays.


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