Your Taxes

Who’s doing your taxes this year? Chances are pretty good that it will soon be H&R Block. You see the number one tax preparer (which I assume is H&R Block) has finagled legislation so anyone preparing taxes for someone else will have to be licensed. Isn’t that great. Fantastic capitalists they are. It’s the American way. Make it so hard and expensive for anyone to compete against you that they just won’t do it. Then, when you are the last man standing, raise your prices as high as you like.

Is anyone else sick of this yet? The Bush tax cuts expired and I got my paycheck today. Eight dollars light. What a pantload.  It just keeps adding up. And it’s adding up to more than this cowboy makes. I heard a theory today. It stated that the Republicans trotted out McCain in a deliberate attempt to lose so they could get this communist we have now. Then after four years of this crap they would be able to gain control of the house, senate, and the Presidency. Fine plan, huh?

The problem is that anytime one side or the other gets full control you, me, and the rest of the American people get hosed. Our only hope is for gridlock. Now isn’t that a load of crap? We have got to take control back from these parasites who produce absolutely nothing and get this country back on track. If we don’t you better take a good look at those pictures on TV of Haiti because that’s what we are heading for. Enjoy.


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