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Voter Registration

January 11, 2010

I heard the other day that our esteemed legislators, Schumer and Fwank in particular, have “crafted” legislation for voter registration so no one will be left out. It’s a piece of… legislation… that will make it possible for everyone on every list in America to be registered to vote. An admirable idea with only… thirty or forty flaws.

Right out of the chute I can see a duplication flaw. I myself am on the list of land owners as well as drivers, and on into infinity. How much will this oversight cost the American people? Ahh, what’s a couple of billion among friends? If that’s the only problem we’re good to go.

Hold on there. I personally have found several properties that had legal owners who were deceased. Now what? I suppose just have acorn register them as Democrats. Well, they’ll probably just omit the list of property owners anyway. No great loss as most of them are rich Republicans anyway, and should know how to get registered by themselves.

What about drivers? I have seen several people with drivers licenses cashing welfare checks in liquor stores who didn’t even speak English. You don’t think they were illegal aliens do you? Nahh. Just undocumented immigrants right? Well that’s pretty much the only big problems I can see and these should not stop such an important piece of… legislation… wouldn’t you agree?

To heck with all of this. I’m sick and tired of having it shoved to me by these criminals in congress. They are shooting to have this piece of crap passed into law in the next two weeks. TWO WEEKS! WTF? E-mail, phone, visit in person, send a candy-gram, send a strip-o-gram, do whatever you have to to let these vermin know that you will not stand for any more gerrymandering on their part.

Remember. The welfare check of thirty million illegals depends on you.