Is Obama Ignorant

Well, is he ignorant or just stupid? Anyone that hasn’t had their head in the sand knows that middle eastern men have very strict views on weakness. If you don’t act in certain “manly” ways when confronted by them they see you as weak. Once they see you as weak they will walk all over you.

Nothing racist or wrong here, I have had friends, from Lebanon in particular, that explained this to me. When I asked them what they did for fun in Beirut on a Saturday night they said play cards and count the rockets going over. No kidding. I believe these guys. They had no reason to lie to me. This was in the eighties and they had just come from there.

Anyway, something like giving enemy combatants a free lawyer, reading them Miranda rights and offering them a plea bargain is the kind of thing that will put us on the map for every jihadist with an M-80. You see the building they were playing cards in was only half there. The rest had been bombed out months earlier. To get caught and live in one of our country club prisons with running water and no goat crap on the floor is a dream come true for them.

So. I ask you again. Is Obama ignorant of this? Is he stupid? Or is there some other motive here?


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