Falling Bullets

That’s right. Falling bullets. I know what you’re thinking, “WTF?” Well here’s how it is. I was driving to work listening to the radio and this woman comes on with her thong in a wad over falling bullets. Apparently when the clock strikes twelve on New Years, every redneck in the country runs for the door, gun in hand, and discharges several rounds into the air.

The problem is that these bullets don’t continue into outer space. Gravity and resistance takes over and eventually they fall to earth. I have known about this for decades. I have lived in quite a few places. And I have never heard of anyone being struck, injured, or killed by these bullets. But this woman was very concerned about it.

I have never even heard of any property damage from these bullets. But here’s the thing, I’m not sure how it works with terminal velocity and all the technical terms, but I think the bullet doesn’t weigh enough to gain enough speed on the trip down to do any damage. I’m not sure, but like I said, I have never heard of anything happening.

What I do know is that I used to hunt geese and they flew pretty fast. Sometimes you didn’t get a good shot until they were right over you. When the shot came down it was no worse than rain. So, I guess my advice to you is, if you’re going to participate in this ritual, use #9 bird shot. And Happy New Year!


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