Hot Pants

So here we go again, due to our irrational fear of offending any mooslims we must now all drop our drawers and submit to a healthy groping by airport security before boarding the plane. Personally I don’t care because I swore off flying when they decided I couldn’t smoke for hours but the jerk behind me can bring his yapping mutt into my air space. Likewise I quit going to movie theaters. I am going to smoke before the end of the movie, so unless they want to pause the movie every hour for a break they can piss off. I’ll fly if I have to but if an alternative exists, that’s my plan.

For the rest of you who are not so easily offended might I suggest scrubs, no underwear and paper shoes. No carry-on, pay the fifteen dollars. But here’s my plan. Strip search every mooslim, or mooslim looking, individual that enters an airport. PROFILING IS RIGHT. Give law abiding citizens their guns back. Have a smoking flight. Give the crew guns and make sure they know how to use them. Make it part of the job and make them train every year and requalify like a cop.

I realize this is asking the libs to take a lot of steps backwards but then I’m sick and tired of trying to get along with libs. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK. If you’re so excited about being Europe, move there.

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One Response to “Hot Pants”

  1. thecatsman Says:

    That last paragraph about sums it up…..Good job.

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