Men in this country are expected to know certain things. Every woman out there expects a man to “know” about all things mechanical. When a young man reaches a certain age he begins to show a curiosity about the engine in his car and other things here and there. If this curiosity is not nurtured it dies and he becomes a woman with gonads. In other words a liberal.

A real mans man will take the time to learn about all of these things. But most men do not become a master but a jack of all trades. You can get by with this knowledge and still be a man, but the real men have at least once in their life mastered one thing. Be it plumbing, carpentry, woodworking, welding, lumberjack, anything, just so they have a manly skill lurking somewhere in their past.

Also you do not fall prey to unscrupulous contractors if you have a working knowledge of such things. That in itself is worthy of the time required. Book learning is fine but hands on is what is required. Even if you’re wearing silk pajamas the furnace guy gives you a little more respect if you know the difference between a phillips and a prince and reed. Those of you out there who just said,  “What?” probably paid too much for your last tune up.

I lived my life like a mechanical warrior until I was just to broken to keep it up but I have no regrets. I figured when the body wore out I could live off the mind. I just hope the wine, women and song have not done too much damage.


One Response to “Men”

  1. Carol Calamia Says:

    As humans we often like to over-engineer things or make things much more complicated in our minds.

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